Salt + Glow Warrior Natural Lip Balm {Peppermint}

Salt + Glow Warrior natural Lip Balm {Peppermint}

Salt + Glow Warrior natural Lip Balm {Peppermint}
I needed a new every day natural lip balm that was quick and convenient to use.

I love lip balm pots for at home, but not when I’m out and my hands are dirty because I’m a hygiene freak.

I was looking for an old school stick balm for my handbag, but had tried a few and wasn’t happy with the results.

Until I found the Salt + Glow Warrior natural Lip Balm.

It’s now my go-to natural lip balm for everyday use.

And it’s so inexpensive you could buy one for your hand bag, your gym bag and your beach bag.

What I love about this natural lip balm –

  • The first ingredient is love.
  • Its no-fuss, stick packaging makes it super easy and quick to apply on the go.
  • The peppermint flavour is soothing and smells nice, but isn’t overpowering.
  • The buttery texture from macadamia oil makes my lips feel smooth, hydrated and soft.
  • Non-nano zinc oxide keeps my lips protected from sun damage. Yes!
  • The price is right at only $5.80 AUD

This is a stellar product and ticks all the boxes of a good natural lip balm.

I will buy this time and time again.

Did I mention it’s 100% natural and vegan?

Shop it here.

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