Finally, non-toxic cleaning products that work

Finally, non-toxic cleaning products that work!

I’m obsessed with these non-toxic cleaning products from Australia!

Aptly named Koala Eco, they feature pure essential oils from Australian bush natives like lemon myrtle and eucalyptus, plus uplifting classics like peppermint.

I’m not normally excited about cleaning products, but this range had a profound effect on my senses and my heart! They make me feel really good and add something special to the atmosphere of our home when we use them.

Now, I don’t know about you, but the sensation of wanting to clean my apartment is pretty foreign.

It’s often the last thing I feel like doing, but not with my new Koala Eco non-toxic cleaning products to the rescue!

No ma’am, I’ll polish my kitchen bench lovingly for at least 5 minutes and then linger there afterwards in a dream-like state just so I can inhale the pleasant lemony aroma.

But you might be thinking “okay, so they smell good, but do they really work?”

And the answer is heck yes!

Even my perfectionist cleaner who normally poo-poos non-toxic cleaning products, gave Koala Eco two enthusiastic thumbs up.

I’ve been using the Koala Eco All Natural Complete Cleaning Collection and love everything. I’m convinced I’ve found the holy grail of non-toxic cleaning products!

I leave for Canada for my wedding next week and don’t have much time, so thought I’d highlight two of my favourite products from the range and share what I love about them. But the truth is that I could probably wax poetic about these products for hours because I love them so much!

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products - All Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner from Koala Eco


This gorgeous kitchen cleaner has an invigorating citrus fragrance from essential oils of lemon myrtle and mandarin.

I love using it on my sink, bench top and wooden cutting board, but it’s safe for all surfaces.

Cleaning up after meals is delightful with this kitchen spray because of the uplifting and invigorating aroma. Even my fiancé was like, “what’s that beautiful smell?”

It’s extremely effective for cleaning up food residue leftover from cooking and doesn’t leave streaks on the bench, which is my pet peeve.

I also love that I now don’t have to worry about toxic residue transferring from the bench surface to our food. Yes, this is a thing when you use commercial cleaning products in your kitchen.

Shop Koala Eco All Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner here and code GOOD25 saves you 25% at checkout for a limited time.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products - All Natural Glass Cleaner from Koala Eco


We have hard water and one of the reasons my cleaner doesn’t normally approve of non-toxic cleaning products, is because I couldn’t find one that was good for getting the grime off our glass shower cubicles.

I’d given her at least 3 other non-toxic glass cleaners to try and none of them worked!

Eventually we gave up and switched to plain vinegar and water, which was at least safe, but didn’t smell nice. Plus, she was still using mostly elbow grease to get the showers clean and it was taking up a lot of time.

The showers now look amazing with the Koala Eco glass cleaner and the bathroom smells minty fresh afterward.

Most importantly, my cleaner isn’t exhausted after doing our bathrooms and now has more time to do other tasks!

We also have a glass-top dining table and this product works amazingly well on it with a microfiber cloth. There are no streaks and the glass looks like it did when we first bought the table.

Best of all? I now don’t have to wear gloves when I clean because this glass cleaner is non-toxic and safe when it encounters my skin.

Shop Koala Eco All Natural Cleaner here and code GOOD25 saves you 25% at checkout for a limited time.

Finally, non-toxic cleaning products that work!

Here’s a little more info about Koala Eco non-toxic cleaning products –

  • 100% plant-derived
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for children
  • Beautifully packaged
  • Essential oil based (instead of harmful synthetic fragrance)
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Made in Australia
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Palm oil friendly (they don’t contain any)
  • Multi-tasking (clean and deodorise your home safely)

So where does the name Koala Eco come from?

The friendly folks at Koala Eco love koalas (surprise) and will donate to 1% For the Planet every time you buy one of their products. It’s their hope that by doing so, they’ll have an impact on protecting our Australian forests, the natural habitat of endangered koalas.

So, if you care about the environment and conservation and love you some cuddly koalas, you’ll enjoy shopping with Koala Eco and making your dollar count towards protecting them.

But by using Koala Eco, you’re really doing yourself and your family a favour because these non-toxic cleaning products are truly safe, effective and beautiful for the senses.

You can shop the Koala Eco range here and code GOOD25 saves you 25% at checkout for a limited time.

Enjoy! And please tell me what you think!

Alicia xx

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