How I stick to my skin care routine when life gets busy

How I do my skin care routine, even when life gets busy

How I do my skin care routine, even when life gets busy

Clients always tell me they want their skin to look:

  • Dewy
  • Healthy
  • Glowing
  • Smooth
  • Hydrated
  • Balanced
  • Youthful

But once I describe a proper skin care routine, they get overwhelmed. They give me every excuse, such as that they don’t have time, they’re too busy with kids, or my favourite – that they’re too lazy!

What many of my clients don’t understand, is that a good skin care routine is like any goal. But it’s hardly training for the Boston Marathon!

Still, I get that life is busy and a proper skin care routine can feel daunting. Hence, I want to share 3 tips that’ll help you stick to your skin care routine and get the results you want.


In our modern world of instant gratification and fast everything, we’re disconnected from reality. There’s no app for good skin, even though I wish there was!

When my clients say they want better skin, but that they don’t have time, two things are obvious:

  1. They want instant gratification, which is impossible when it comes to good skin.
  2. They’re disconnected from their ‘why’ for wanting to change their skin.

So I start by asking them why they want better skin. My client’s deep reasons are usually connected to their self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

Somewhere in life, they stopped looking after the most important person…them! This eventually led to a sense of lack, or disparity, around how they look.

Once my client has discovered why they want better skin, I ask them to connect their ‘why’ to their desire. Because if you have a strong ‘why’ connected with a deep desire, you can change anything! 

But to help us stay grounded, let’s remember that we’re talking about something as basic as cleansing and applying a few products. This is what we could classify as a ‘first world problem’. Am I right?

I empathize with the overwhelm people feel when there’s too much on their to-do lists, but it’s important to be grateful for the blessings in life too, like healthy skin care! In reality, adding a couple of steps to your skin care routine isn’t difficult, but we often resist what we know is good for us.


Your Ego loves to sabotage you as soon as it smells positive change on the breeze. Then it does everything possible to stop it!

This is where the excuses and need for instant gratification are coming from. It’s not from you, the real You, because the real You knows that you want to change your skin and feel better about yourself.

You know that the delayed gratification will make you feel like you’ve earned it, which will increase your sense of self-worth. But your Ego has other ideas.

It wants things to stay the same. It wants to keep you miserable and living from a place of fear. That’s okay, we all have this negative voice. Sadly, it’s part of being human, but it doesn’t mean you should let it take over.

I’ve read many books on this subject, but one of the most recent that’s helping me a lot is Mastering Your Mean Girl, by Melissa Ambrosini. If you’re curious about how your Ego/Mean Girl is slowing you down in any area, why not gift yourself a copy? It’s full of absorb-able wisdom to help you live with a sense of deep self-love and self-worth.

If you’ve struggled with your skin care routine because of ‘x, y, z’, just know it’s because of your Mean Girl and, as Melissa says, gently close the door on her. Suddenly, spending a few minutes each day to cleanse and apply your healthy products won’t seem like a chore, but a pampering session you’ll look forward to.


Most of us have careers, families and friends that place demands on our time. Of course, most responsibilities bring joy, like spending time with loved ones or pursuing your passions. If these activities are healthy, you should continue making time for them.

Problems arise when you give too much time to others and don’t save any for yourself. Life is busy and it’s easy to put self-care activities on hold because we feel that others are a priority, but this belief is backwards. Your needs are important and should be met every day, above all else.

When you take care of yourself, you fill up what I call your Heart Tank. When you neglect your Heart Tank to meet everyone else’s needs, at the end of each day you’ll feel tired and grumpy. You may start resenting what you’re required to do for others i.e. your boss, clients or family. It’s not a nice feeling and it’s not sustainable.

But when your Heart Tank is full because you filled it with nourishing self-care activities, you’ll have more to give from a place of love.

I can easily do my skin care routine in less than 5 minutes with 5 products. But I often take my time because I enjoy how it makes me feel. I love cleansing the day away, inhaling the essential oils and massaging the beneficial plant ingredients into my skin. I treat it like a self-love ritual and savour every moment.

I’ll often combine my skin care ritual with another self-care activity, like a bath. There’s nothing like soaking in a tub with a beautiful face mask on to help you de-stress.

Of course, on days when I’m rising early or going to sleep late, I’ll cut my skin care routine down to 5 minutes. It’s important to accept that you won’t be perfect all the time, so be okay with being perfect some of the time. As long as you’re consistent with your skin care routine most of the week, you’ll see results. The key is to at least wash your face and apply moisturizer, but…

Please never beat yourself up if you can’t make it happen. You’re only human and your skin care routine will be there tomorrow, ready for you to take up and enjoy. Sometimes life happens, but on those days when you can do it all, you’ll feel good and your skin will blossom before your eyes.

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Alicia xx

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