Green Beauty Look | Winged Liner + Orange Red Lips

Green Beauty Look | Winged Eyeliner and Orange Red Lips @thegoodbeautyco

A glam green beauty look for silly season.

An update on the classic winged liner with red lips, this glam green beauty look is easy with the right products.

Don’t be afraid to practice your wings because it can be really fun.

One of the mistakes I made before I had makeup training, was trying to do a new look right before going out. When you’re rushed and out of practice you’ll never get the desired effect from your makeup.

All it takes to master winged liner is a little practice on a night when you’re not planning to go out. This way, next time you have an event, you’ll be prepped with the right skills to carry off a glamorous look. You’ll be so proud of yourself!

Keep reading to learn how you can get this green beauty look with the right products, brushes and techniques.

Glam Green Beauty Look Step #1: Skin Prep

A polished, vibrant makeup look always starts with good skin prep. You can’t skip it and expect your makeup to look amazing.

I usually do an exfoliating mask the night before or a quick exfoliation in the shower beforehand. You should exfoliate and use masks regularly anyway, but it’s especially important when prepping skin for makeup.

This is my favourite pre-makeup mask because it’s like a natural peel that brightens dull skin overnight.

Alternatively, this exfoliator is gentle, but effective thanks to detoxifying clays and skin-softening lemon verbena extract.

Next, follow your usual green beauty skin care routine, but make sure you apply a hydrating day cream that contains a natural SPF if you’re going to a daytime event. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the safest mineral sunscreens that sit on top of the skin.

I love the Kari Gran Skin Three Sixty Five SPF 28 day cream. It has a slightly white cast to it, but this is easily mended once you apply your base.

My favourite primer lately is the Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener.

It feels more like a facial serum than a primer with key ingredients of apple extract to smooth the skin, grapefruit extract to add radiance and aloe leaf juice to soothe and calm. It also has anti-ageing algae extract (one of my favourite ingredients) to firm the skin and prevent moisture loss.

Glam Green Beauty Look Step #2: The Base

I use both foundation and CC cream because I prefer natural looking, dewy skin. I prefer a light coverage, only using a tiny amount of product in my t-zone and eye area.

Use foundation to even out your skin tone, not mask it.

You want your skin to shine through, girlfriend! If your makeup is too thick and caked on, it won’t look natural.

For this look, you want products with hydrating properties and light-reflecting pigment that give a dewy quality to the skin. First, apply a tiny amount of CC Cream in Medium with a foundation brush to boost brightness and give light coverage to those areas of your face where you need it less.

This CC Cream is brilliant because it’s a primer, protector, concealer, hydrator, mattifier, brightener, blemish cover-up, pore refiner, comforter and complexion controller 10-in-one!

Next, buff this Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15 in Neutral Beige into the skin to add medium coverage to the areas you need it most, like your t-zone and under your eyes.

With key ingredients of summer lilac and white horehound extract to hydrate, ribose to promote skin’s natural radiance and hexapeptide-10 to reduce the look of fine lines and promote skin firmness and smoothness, this is the greatest multi-tasking foundation I’ve come across.

Glam Green Beauty Look Step #3: Eyes + Brows

My general rule is that if you’re doing a bright lip, it’s best to keep the eyes simple and not too dark.

Start by applying concealer on your eyelid as a primer. Blend it with a small brush or your fingertip, then apply loose powder over it with a large, fluffy eye shadow brush. Blend well to prevent the concealer from creasing.

This technique helps to create a velvety smooth base for your eyeshadow. This is a great tip if you’re like me and haven’t found an eye primer you like or haven’t invested in one yet. You don’t need one! This trick will save you money because it’s one less item to buy for your makeup kit.

Next, apply Ivory Tower from the Lily Lolo Filthy Rich Eye Palette as your base shade, covering the whole lid.

For the crease, use I Should Cocoa from the same palette and smoke it out using a large, fluffy eyeshadow brush.

I love this vegan Brush Set for because it gives a nice, clean smoke.

It’s a high quality, basic set you’ll use everyday and comes in a chic case with a compartment for your makeup!

To finish your smoky eye, add Ivory Tower to your brow bone and inner corners, plus Ginger Nut along your lower lash line for a coppery glow.

Now for the tricky part. Are you ready to become a winged eyeliner master?

The best gel eyeliner on the green beauty market is the Jane Iredale Jelly Jar. I love this eyeliner because you can use it for either a smudged look or a clean line. For this green beauty look, you’re opting for precision.

Soft and creamy, it glides on smooth, which is great if you’re a novice.

This eyeliner is highly pigmented, which you can see from my photos, water-resistant and long-lasting.

Gently press your angled brush into the Jelly Jar. Try making short dashes, then connecting them by sweeping the brush across and thickening at the outer corner. Apply as close to the lash line as possible. Wing it out with an upward flick, but be careful not to take it too far past the outer corner.

Go over everything again, carefully blending using the excess product left on your brush.

If you make a mistake, use a cotton bud dipped in eye makeup remover to clean it up. Then use a concealer brush to blend out any dark smudges left on your skin and help your liner look more precise.

To finish your eyes use this mascara. It’s life changing.

I have short, stubby eyelashes and this mascara gives them life. It may not look like much from the pictures, but trust me, my lashes wouldn’t exist without this product. It adds at least 3mm of length. I don’t even know how this is possible! This mascara’s legit and it smells like flowers.

The Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara doesn’t compare. I bought it when I purchased the Jelly Jar, thinking it would be amazing because I love their products, but I can’t even use it because it doesn’t add length or volume to my lashes at all. Even with an eyelash curler!

These two mascaras are the same price and claim to do the same thing, but it’s the first one that delivers. 

As you know, I don’t usually say anything negative about a product. I’d rather just not post about it, but in this case I wouldn’t want anyone else to spend $50 on a mascara that doesn’t work. I love Jane Iredale and they’re a large, successful company, so I think it’s okay to mention this. Fingers crossed they’re happy for the constructive feedback if they ever read this. Gulp.

For brows I used this Brow Pencil in Medium and this Tinted Brow Cream in Light/Medium.

I’ll be the first to say that my eyebrows are a disgrace. They’re sparse, they grow in all different directions and my brow hairs stick out in odd places and are hard to control. I swear, I’m the victim of a brow curse!

Lightly fill in any sparse areas with the brow pencil by using upward strokes to imitate the natural direction of hair. Elongate the tail slightly and use the brush on the end of the pencil to blend out the product.

I love this pencil because it’s waxy, which helps my unruly hairs stay somewhat in place.

The pigment looks natural and I love that the spoolie brush is built into the pencil. My only wish is that it came with a sharpener, but you can’t win ’em all.

The brow cream adds depth while holding your brows in place. You just have to be careful not to use too much, so be very light handed. Especially if you’re like me and don’t have a lot of hair to work with.

Lightly blend out the cream with the brow pencil brush and you’re done.

With these two products my brows are finished in no time. I love the convenience that these afford me.

To help you choose the right shade for your brows – 

  • Blondes and light red-heads should choose the light pencil.
  • Darker red heads, dark blondes and light brunettes should choose medium.
  • Darker brunettes and raven haired beauties should go with dark.

Always pick a shade lighter than your natural brows because it’ll define them, but give them a soft, natural look instead of looking too harsh.

Glam Green Beauty Look Step #4: Lips

For lips try this Peach Lip Liner. It’s my favourite colour of the year! You can wear it alone as a matte lipstick and it’s so pretty, I can’t get enough.

Next, apply this Smoothed Over Lipstick in Poppy straight from the tube and blend with a lip brush.

I used a nude pink liner under this orange-red lipstick because I don’t have a lip liner that’s a direct match. The effect was that it became even more orange though, so I was really happy with the result. I just think it looks so vibrant and gorgeous. The perfect shade of lipstick for silly season celebrations!

More reasons why you need this lipstick in your life –

  • Hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting hydration by creating a moisturizing layer on the skin.
  • Peptides add moisture and increase the look of lip volume.
  • Polymers provide a moisturizing hydro-lipid layer that helps pigments disperse evenly for longer wear.
  • Key ingredients of watermelon extract, lentil fruit extract and apple extract impart a plumping effect to create full, lush lips.
  • Edelweiss plant extract soothes dehydrated lips with moisturizing properties.

M.A.C. eat your heart out!

This lipstick lasts all day, through food and drink without the use of nasty toxic chemicals to make it stay on.

Not only does it have beautiful pigment while plumping and hydrating your lips, it smells amazing too!

It’s also gluten-free for all my celiac home girls out there.

Glam Green Beauty Look Step #5: Contour + Highlight

As always, I contoured with this Glow-On Bronzer that I’ve used since 2009 because it’s the bomb.

I highlighted with the Inika Baked Mineral Illuminisor, which I raved about in this post a few weeks ago.

That’s it! Any questions, please get at me.

Alicia xx

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