Get this Eco-Luxury Organic Perfume at Wholesale Price

Get this Eco-Luxury Organic Perfume at Wholesale Price

Get this Eco-Luxury Organic Perfume at Wholesale Price
I’m always asked what organic perfume I use.

Well, I recently became a Real No. 11 Perfume girl, available from

One of my first reviews was about their REALLY GOOD™ skin care.

Since then, this brand has remained my indie favourite because it’s –

  • One of the purest and safest in the world.
  • Eco-luxury at wholesale prices.
  • Made fresh in small batches.
  • Unique with a signature blend of exotic plant essences.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.

Plus, I adore co-founder Jaya and her unique mission.

(We bonded over a love of green beauty, Paramahansa Yogananda and poop emojis. ;))

Jaya’s wish to make eco-luxury beauty products available to everyone, regardless of their income, blows my mind. deny consumerism and hold your best interests at the heart of all they do.

So today, I’m sharing two of my favourite products from their store.

Both of which are premium and affordable for everyone.

Real No. 11 Perfume


This organic perfume is womanly.

It wasn’t created for a girl and I wouldn’t expect a girl to wear it.

Cleopatra would’ve worn this, since she was known to douse herself in the finest oils.

Real No. 11 is for that exotic creäture who possesses the qualities of mystery, sensuality, warmth, elegance and spirit.


You’re her, whether you yet know it and if you keep reading my posts, pretty soon you’ll start believing it.

In the meantime, lather yourself in this divine fragrance.

Yes, the bottle is tiny at a mere 3 ml, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.

You can dab a tad onto your pulse points and the aroma will embrace you without overwhelming your lungs with toxins.

This is a pure perfume, not a diluted Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum.

No, this organic perfume has the highest concentration of essential oils.

Only a few drops will give you a rich fragrance as though you had used much more.

It’s a subtle scent, so even if you overdo it you’ll smell wonderful without the headache.

And at only $29.95 USD, you can buy this organic perfume guilt-free.

Let your conscience rest knowing that it’s 100% natural and safe for you and your loved ones.

For my North American readers please visit the website to shop.

I earn zilch from this post except the blessings of a free organic perfume, an Ultimate Rose Butter and Jaya’s gratitude, which is the biggest blessing of all.

For my Aussie and international readers you’ll need a forwarding address.

It’s a great service I use to get my goodies delivered and other products from brands who don’t ship to Australia.

REALLY GOOD Ultimate Rose Butter

REALLY GOOD™ Ultimate Rose Butter

The name says it all.

This is the ultimate rose beauty balm that you must experience to believe.


  • My skin feels smooth, soft and hydrated the morning after applying this rose butter.
  • The packaging! You’ll love how luxe the beautiful gold jar looks on your vanity.
  • The fragrance. If you love the smell of roses, you won’t get enough of this.
  • It’s perfect for skin-prep and beautiful under makeup.
  • It makes me feel like a goddess.

I want you to imagine 240 organic roses.

Now visualise distilling them into the most potent essential oil of rose.

That’s what you’ll apply to your skin with this Rose Butter.

240 roses, on your face.

Roses have countless properties that benefit the skin.


  • Contains potent antioxidants for skin protection and anti-aging.
  • Has powerful antimicrobial and antiseptic properties for treating acne and preventing breakouts.
  • Increases your skin’s permeability so you can absorb more beneficial plant ingredients from your organic skin care[1].

The aromatherapy benefits include alleviating mild depression and anxiety, which is a bonus when using this rose butter before bed.

The Ultimate Rose Butter is best used as part of REALLY GOOD™’s 5 piece skin care regimen seen here.

If you’d like to know more about the other products in the range, please read my REALLY GOOD™ Organic Skin Care Review.

If you’ve read my free eBook, How to Get Beautiful Skin, this range fits the criteria of a pro skin care regime, as outlined in the book.

So, enjoy your affordable eco-luxe skin care and organic perfume, dear ones.

You’re in for a treat!

Alicia xx



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