A Fresh Green Beauty Look for Summer

A Fresh Green Beauty Look for Summer @thegoodbeautyco

A Fresh Green Beauty Look for Summer @thegoodbeautyco
The annoying misconception about green beauty is that the pigments aren’t as good as the toxic brands touted by makeup artists.

But the opposite is true!

Green beauty pigments give more colour because they come from nature and aren’t “watered-down” with fillers and preservatives.

Here I review Alima Pure eye makeup, along with a few staples from W3ll People and Kari Gran Skin, to show you how vibrant a green beauty look can be.




For a fresh green beauty look, mega-hydrate your skin before you apply your cosmetics.

I love the Kari Gran Three-Sixty-Five SPF 28 for this and I use it as a day cream and primer 2-in-1.

Its key ingredient of red raspberry seed oil duals as a natural SPF and skin healer.

It has the highest alpha linoleic acid content of any fruit seed oil, making it a potent anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing additive.

This daily moisturiser is water-free and brimming with other seed oils too, including French plum, macadamia and jojoba.

These seed oils give a big dose of skin conditioning properties and antioxidants.

Just what you need to lock in moisture and keep your skin protected and nourished all day.



I’m engaged to my fiancé, but there’s a new love in my life and it’s these refillable Alima Pure Pressed Eyeshadows.

They come in chic black compacts with cute mirrors and they smell like flowers!

A pretty smell means nothing if a green beauty product doesn’t perform, but these eyeshadows do.

Even though they’re powder based, they have a creamy texture that allows you to smooth them over your eyelids like a dream.

Plus, the pigment is super vibrant.

A little goes a long way and blending is easy for a seamless application.


For this look I did a neutral eye using Isla as my base and Luxe in the crease and on my lower lash line.

I then applied more Isla to my brown bones and the inner corners.

Isla is a light, petal pink shade and Luxe is a golden copper.

They’re both versatile shades you can use with any green beauty look to add warmth and brightness.

The colours are build-able, so you can turn up the drama as you see fit.

You can see from my swatches how creamy and lush the pigments are.


The focus of this look was the Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Slate.

I didn’t have a grey eyeliner in my green beauty kit, so it was fun experimenting with a shade I don’t often use.

I find some eye pencils to be too hard and abrasive, but this one glides on smoothly and gently.


Because of its creamy texture and precision tip, I easily created a smoky grey line along my top and bottom lashes.

I then stretched it to my desired length by building the colour and smudging with my finger.

This eye pencil can take you from day to night by joining it at the inner and outer corners and smudging with your fingers.

The grey pigment brightens eyes and is a softer, prettier look than black or brown.

I’m not the best ambassador for mascara because my eyelashes are short and stubby, but if you’re looking for one to define and separate your lashes, I recommend the Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara.

I also found it didn’t smudge easily, which is rare for a plant-based mascara.

Plus, I love the rubber-bristled wand because it’s the right width and length for adding volume and separating lashes.

No clumps, thank you!

It’s also free of common eye irritants found in toxic mascaras, like fragrance, parabens and chemical preservatives.

Instead, it has provitamin B5, jojoba oil and natural beeswax to strengthen and nourish your lashes.

This helps prevent breakage and keeps them strong and healthy.



As you saw from my ‘before’ pic earlier, my eyebrows are sparse and the shape isn’t great.

They’re a work in progress!

It’s frustrating, but thankfully the W3ll People Capitalist Brow Powders always save the day.

There’s nothing like these brow powders for when I want flawless, natural looking brows.

They come in three shades –

  • Matte Taupe for blondes and light brunettes
  • Matte Auburn for strawberry blondes, brunettes with red undertones and redheads
  • Matte Espresso for dark brunettes and black haired beauties


You should always use a shade lighter than your natural brows and that matches their colour tone.

The Matte Auburn is too warm for my brows, even though I’m a lighter brunette and it’s a mid-colour.

So, I mix the Matte Taupe into a small amount of the Matte Espresso to create a cool dark shade that matches my brows perfectly.


Brush your brows up and out with a spoolie, then dip your angle brush into the pot.

Tap off the excess product and work the brush into the back of your hand a little first.

Mimic the natural growth of hairs by flicking your brush vertically about a millimeter in from the start of your brow.

Try to stay within the lines of your natural brows because if you make them too thick it’ll look unnatural.

Next, fill in any sparse areas along the arch and then fill and elongate the tail slightly.

If you applied too much, you can use a cotton bud to sweep off any excess powder and then brush them again with the spoolie.

If you made a mistake, use a clean angle brush dipped in concealer to clean up the edges.


For cheeks I applied my favourite, the Peony Mineral Blush from Kari Gran.

It’s the prettiest universal shade that suits anyone.


I dipped my brush into the powder and tapped out the excess product before lightly sweeping it onto my apples.

The pigment is sheer, yet vibrant and fresh.

I then added blush to my Kari Gran Lip Whip on the back of my hand to create a pink lippie and applied it to lips with my finger.

I use the tinted Lip Whip every day because I love the smell and texture, it’s my favourite lip balm ever.

That’s it!

I hope you like this fresh green beauty look I created for summer using only the finest, natural cosmetics from I Am Natural Store.

Have fun experimenting!

Alicia xx

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  1. Daina may says: Reply

    Hiya Lic !
    I took your advice- and I purchased a few of these lovey items you recommended. The eyeshadows and the liner. Sorry- my computer is anti capital letters at the moment— hehe. Not sure why. anyway beautiful, thanks for the insight and I cannot wait for my goodies to arrive. I am also trying out the lily lolo mineral blush in flushed. hoping the color is a good fit. there was quit limited selection on the blush front. the popular color are gone fast. the peony Kari gran was all gone.
    Chow bella.

    1. Yay! Daisy that’s awesome! You will LOVE everything. Yes, sometimes they have stock issues because they’re a boutique site. Next time let me know you’re looking at purchasing and I’ll see if I can find North American options for you. Hope the shipping cost was okay? The capital letters thing is how my site is designed to look ‘cool’ and DGAF about capitals, haha! Make sure you take a pic of you wearing your new goodies so I can see. Xx

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