CILK Inner Beauty Rose Extract

CILK Inner Beauty Rose Extract

CILK Inner Beauty Rose Extract

This rose extract inner beauty elixir has captivated my senses.

As soon as I saw this CILK Rose Extract on the I Am Natural site while scrolling for new green beauty gems, I knew I had to try it. First of all, check out the ultra-chic packaging. I mean, come on.

Who wouldn’t want this sexy glass bottle sitting on their kitchen bench, ready to impress all their friends? “Oh that? That’s just my bottle of premium rose extract. It’s great for the skin.” Casually proceeds to whip up a fancy rose-water drink garnished with rose petals, while inwardly doing a shimmy.

(By the way, all rose petals are edible, so feel free to add them to beverages when entertaining to impress your guests.)

But this eco-luxe beauty supplement is more than just pretty packaging. Made from only the best certified organic roses with notes of cold pressed hibiscus and a touch of vanilla, it’s pure beauty-promoting inner nourishment. After all, what is more classically beautiful than a rose and what plant has more beneficial properties for the skin? People have applied rose extract topically for centuries because of its deeply hydrating effect on the skin.

One of the most famous is Cleopatra, who regularly bathed her face and body in it. (Damn Girl, that’s decadent!)

In Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicine, they used rose extract to treat uterine hemorrhage and relieve mouth ulcers. Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, plus antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, it’s easy to understand why the ancients used it for a myriad of health conditions. Rose extract is as good for inner healing as it is for your outer complexion.

It’s these ancient uses for rose extract that inspired founder, Chanelle Louise, to create CILK:

Having always used rose-water on my skin for its hydrating effect, I could feel it was only sinking into the surface. I wanted to gain the full benefit from the inside out and revive an ancient beauty secret in a modern way.

She was onto something. Beauty supplements are as much a staple of the modern beauty routine as facial oil these days. Think The Beauty Chef’s Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder or Correxico’s Close-Up Skin Supplement. This is a beauty trend that isn’t slowing down.

For those of us just catching up, it makes sense though doesn’t it? Good nutrition goes hand in hand with beauty. It’s hard for your skin to look truly healthy if your insides aren’t. If you’re already healthy, imagine what giving your cells a boost from the inside could do for your complexion.

Think of it as going next level with your skin care routine. Beauty supplements are another building block for optimal health or what I refer to as Radical Beauty, when your mental, physical and spiritual well-being flourish to create the most beautiful version of you possible.

What I Love about this CILK rose extract –

Have you ever tried authentic Turkish delight? My fiancé and I ate some recently in Kusadasi during our Mediterranean holiday and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever tasted. The rose flavour was out of this world. So when I first tried CILK, it’s no surprise that it transported me back to Turkey.

The rose flavour is rich and authentic and I find it oddly soothing when I drink it. I tried explaining this to my partner the other day, but he didn’t get it. Heck, I don’t even get it. Must be some secret locked within this pure rose extract that I’ll never quite understand. How can something taste soothing?

Here’s what else you should know about CILK:

  • It’s not sweet, but you can add stevia to make it so if that’s your preference. I think it tastes great without it.
  • You can add it to anything!
  • It needs to be refrigerated after opening.
  • It tastes great with lemon and mineral water.
  • Drink it before bed to soothe and calm you.
  • Add it to your water every day to get the most benefit for your skin.
  • It tastes best cold, so add ice.

Unfortunately, I can’t report any changes in my skin since drinking CILK because of chronic illness. Nothing seems to help my skin at the moment, but I love it for the pure luxury and experience of drinking rose-water like a Goddess.

I’m sure it’s also having a healing and anti-inflammatory effect on my body because I feel calm when I drink it, but this could also just be my imagination. Still, I never underestimate the healing powers of plants, they’re simply magical.

To wrap up, I created this Pink Rose Lemonade recipe for you beauties. Drink this at home during summer or next time you entertain. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser because it’s so refreshing and unique.

Pink Rose Lemonade Recipe

1/2 Cup Freshly squeezed lemon juice

3-5 Tsp CILK Rose Extract

5 drops Stevia (will depend on the brand, so just go with 1-2 serves as per the label)

1 x 750ml ice-cold bottle S. Pellegrino Mineral Water

Fresh mint leaves

Combine all ingredients in a glass jug and stir gently with a wooden spoon until mixed.

Put a few ice cubes in your favourite glasses and serve.

You can pick up your bottle of CILK from I Am Natural Store, one of my favourite online green beauty meccas.

Enjoy! xx

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  1. I can’t wait to try your pink lemonade recipe. It looks so delicious and pretty!

    Thank you Alicia 🙂

    1. Thanks Beauty! It really is 🙂 A party favourite. xx

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