A Fresh Green Beauty Look for Summer

A Fresh Green Beauty Look for Summer @thegoodbeautyco

The annoying misconception about green beauty is that the pigments aren’t as good as the toxic brands touted by makeup artists. But the opposite is true! Green beauty pigments give more colour because they come from nature and aren’t “watered-down” with fillers and preservatives. Here I review Alima Pure eye makeup, along with a few […]

An Affordable, Luxe, Natural Deodorant

Erica Brooke Neroli and Vanilla Creme Deodorant

This natural deodorant crème is luxe. Yes, luxury for your armpits. Why not? But thankfully you won’t spend more for this than you would on any other natural deodorant of its ilk. Erica Brooke’s Neroli & Vanilla Deodorant Crème smells like heaven and it works. I’m a sweaty muffin. Combine chronic illness with hormonal issues from endometriosis […]